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The Personnel Manager is where all cardholder information is managed. A Cardholder is defined as a person in the system that is issued a card or credential for purposes of gaining access to secured areas in the facility. An access card is assigned to this individual and then access levels are added to each card.

Personnel Browser

The Personnel Browser is an explorer window that consists of all the cardholder’s names and card numbers as well as personnel groups. The tree also displays employee type and card type information by using colored indicators. For information on sorting the Browser, see page 7-31.

To open the Personnel Browser:

  1. Select the Personnel Icon from the Standard Toolbar.  


          Select View/ Explorers/ Personnel from the Main Menu. The Personnel Browser will open.

          There are two default tabs at the bottom: Name View and Card#. Custom search tabs can also be created, see page 3-17.

Employee/Card Type Indicators:

  • Blue - Normal
  • Green - Visitor
  • Gold - Temp
  • Red - Disabled
  • Purple - Contractor
  • Orange - Vendor
  • White w/number 1 through 5 - Custom Types

Custom Personnel and Custom Card Types can be setup in the DNA Properties/ Personnel Properties/Custom Fields and Types dialog. See page 3-22 for more information.

Hovering over a cardholder or card will show you information about the object in the form of a tooltip.

personnel groups video.mp4

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