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If you suspect a paper is plagiarized, you can use Turnitin SimCheck to check it

  1. Make the student aware that you will check their paper using the SimCheck Anti-plagiarism tool 
    1. Have the student read and consent to the Turnitin SimCheck Permission and FERPA Disclosure Consent form
  2. Download the student paper to your computer
  3. Access your Canvas development course and create a SimCheck assignment
  4. Click the Settings link in the left navigation
  5. Click the Student View link on the right side of the Course Details page
  6. Upload the file in question
    1. SimCheck accepts the following file types:
      1. Microsoft Word™ (DOC and DOCX)
      2. Microsoft PowerPoint™ (PPT and PPTX)
      3. HTML
      4. Plain text (TXT)
      5. Rich Text Format (RTF)
      6. Portable Document Format (PDF)
      7. OpenOffice (ODF)
      8. Zip files (ZIP) to submit multiple files at once; limit is 100 files OR 100MB
      9. PDF documents must contain text to be submitted. PDF files containing only images of text will be rejected during the upload attempt
  7. Click Leave Student View at the bottom of the page to return to the Teacher role
  8. Review the Similarity report 

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