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Before you can manage your manager's calendar, you must first gain access to his or her calendar, as follows: 

  1. Have your manager log into their Google Calendar
  2. Your manager will need to go to the My calendars section and click on the three dots to the right
  3. Select Settings and sharing
    select Settings and sharing
  4. Under Share with specific people select ADD People
    select Add people
  5. Your manager will enter your name or email address and select it
    1.  Under Permissions, select the drop down and choose the appropriate level of permissions
      select the appropriate permissions
      1. Make changes to events lets you edit your manager's calendar
      2. Make changes AND manage sharing lets you edit the calendar's sharing options, too. (For example, you can give another admin access to your manager’s calendar while you are away on vacation.) 
  6. Click Send
  7. After you manager has setup your permissions their calendar will appear in your list of calendars

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