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Creating a mid-term survey can be easily done through Poll Everywhere. Faculty will import polls from a CSV file (an Excel spreadsheet) with the questions. 

  1. Save the Excel question template, a CSV file, to your computer
  2. Modify the CSV template to add, remove, or format questions
  3. In Poll Everywhere, click Import
  4. Drag and Drop the CSV file in the Import area
  5. Check the questions for accuracy
  6. Click Import
  7. Click Done. Once the export process is complete, Poll questions are ready for use
  8. By default the mid-term questions will be added to the ungrouped area
  9. To create a group, select all the questions then click Group

  10. Click the Edit icon to rename the Group

  11. Follow the directions if you want to embed poll questions into Canvas
  12. Follow the directions if you want to combine multiple poll questions into a survey report

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