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Accessing Time Schedules:

  • Time schedules are set up independently for doors and/or buildings
  • They can be applied to a specific door or set of doors via an Access Level
  1. Click Time Schedules in the top navigation
  2. This dropdown will appear 
  3. The drop-down list consists of all the campus buildings and their pre-established time sets 
  4. Right-click on the building you want to work with and select New Time Schedule
  5. Review the Time Intervals configuration box
  6. Enter a description
    Include group, times and days 
    Ex. "BES 0700-1400 M-Su" or "Police 24/7" or "Kahn's Class 0830-1330 M-F"
  7. Click Tables to type in your schedule using individual rows. 
    Open Options uses "Military Time." So 1 pm to 11 pm, is 13:00 - 23:00
  8. Check the boxes next the corresponding days
  9. Add and subtract time and days using the multiple rows for complex schedules
  10. Click OK 

Applying the Time Schedule:

  • You can apply an existing Time Schedule to an existing Access Level
  1. Open the Access Level Browser. Click here for help creating an Access Level
  2. Right-click on an Access Level and select properties

  3. Use the Global Access Level configuration box to locate the door you wish to apply the Time Schedule to
  4. Under Time Schedule/Floor Group select an existing Time Schedule or select the one you created from steps 1-10
  5. Click OK 

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