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If you have existing questions with responses that you will like to combine to view in the form of a survey, you will need to create a survey report type.

  1. Login to
  2. Under the Polls tab, find the questions you will like to combine and view as a Survey 
    Poll menu
  3. The questions and it's group name will be converted from a Group to a Survey
    Choose the poll questions
  4. Click the Survey option by hovering over the name of the poll group
    Convert these group of questions to a Survey
  5. The new Survey is moved up under Default folder
    Survey is created under Default group
  6. After you have collected student responses, you can run a report
  7. Click the Report button at the top menu bar


    If you do not see this button, access it by clicking the "..." button on the top menu bar

  8. Choose the Report option using the "..." button
    Run report for survey questions
  9. Click the Gradebook report type
    Survey Results Graded
  10. Click Finish
  11. Click the Download button to the results as a Excel file
    Download or Export the report
  12. Click the LMS Export button to export the results to Canvas gradebook
  13. Click the Print button to print to PDF document or to a paper copy

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