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Kaltura My Media provides faculty with the option to post YouTube videos which can then be embedded into Canvas items (Pages, Announcements, Discussion forums, etc.). You also have the ability to add/edit captions for the video and see analytics for the video including who viewed the video and for how long, etc.

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Access a course in which My Media is enabled 

    Canvas Course Navigation

    Please view the Canvas How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for help enabling My Media

  3. Click the My Media link

  4. Click the Add New drop-down button

  5. Select YouTube

    Adding YouTube Video to My Media

  6. Navigate to the YouTube clip you would like to use. Copy the URL
    Choose YouTube Video

    Publicly Available

    Only publicly available YouTube videos can be embedded into Kaltura. YouTube videos that are private would have to be embedded (using the iFrame code) into Canvas items (Pages, Assignments, Announcements, etc.).

  7. In My Media, paste the YouTube URL  into the box provided and select "Preview"
    Preview YouTube Video

    YouTube URL

    Note: Kaltura will cut off everything except the ending unique video identifier of the URL you pasted.

  8. You will see how the YouTube video will appear in My Media
    Previewing the Video from YouTube
  9. Click on the video to see the details associated with the YouTube video
    The name and description of the video
  10. You will see that the name and description of the video that were used in YouTube have been placed here for your convenience. You can edit these accordingly. Click Save.
    Click Go To My Media to see media added

    Video Descriptions

    When embedding the video, the video descriptions and name of video are automatically populated in My Media. You only need to add search tags.

  11. Your changes will be saved. Click Go To My Media to see the posted YouTube video
    My Media Video Space
  12. Choose a Canvas item to add this YouTube video. For example go to Canvas Pages, and create a New Page
  13. Add a name and description in the Rich Content Editor of the new page
  14. Click the electric plug icon for more external tool to add the Kaltura video

  15. In the Select App dialog box, select Embed Kaltura Media

  16. The Embed Kaltura Media window is displayed

  17. Click the Embed Settings button, it looks like a gear

  18. In the Max Embed drop-down list, select  the size you want and click Embed

  19. The YouTube video will be placed in the Rich Content Editor

  20. Scroll down and click Save and Publish to save the changes and make the page available to students
    Save and Publish to make the page available
  21. These embedded YouTube videos can also be shared in Media Gallery.

My Media Options

Please note that YouTube videos do not have the same options available as media files uploaded to Kaltura. For example, you will not have the features for clipping and trimming. Machine and Human Closed Captions can be requested for these YouTube videos in Kaltura My Media. You can also add SRT files to the YouTube video. The YouTube video can be published to the Media Gallery.

In-Video Quiz function is available to these embedded YouTube videos adding another level of interactivity to these videos. This allows faculty to add action points for student knowledge and retention without changing the original state of these videos.

Analytics is also captured as students engage with the YouTube videos. This provides faculty with data on student interaction and responses based on in-video quiz questions and checkpoints.

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