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Follow the below instructions if you are logging into a university Mac computer for the first time - either when receiving a new computer or after it has been reimaged.

Setup Password

You should have received a temporary password from the IT professional helping you with your new or reimaged Mac computer. Make sure to have that password before proceeding. Additionally, you must be connected to the University network (hard wired, eduroam or VPN) for the Apple Enterprise Connect application to work.

  1. Turn your Mac computer on
  2. At the first login screen, enter your NinerNET username (if the username field is blank) and the temporary password provided to you by the IT professional helping you.  Hit the Return key
  3. Click Accept on the University Computing Guidelines screen
  4. The Enterprise Connect application will launch.  Enter your NinerNET username and password and click the Sign In button
    Enterprise Connect Login
  5. Clicking Sign In will trigger 2 events and open 2 boxes that require action:
    1. A process to sync your local passwords
      1. A secondary Enterprise Connect box will open
        Enterprise Connect Local Password
      2. Enter the password provided to you by the IT professional helping you and click OK
      3. A Password in sync box will open - click OK
        Passwords in sync
    2. A process to connect to and mount your network drives
      1. A box to connect to the server ""
        File server
      2. Click Connect.  A second box to "Enter your name and password for the server ""." will open.
        File Server Connect Login
      3. Enter your NinerNET username and password.  Check the "Remember this password in my keychain" and click Connect
      4. The network drives will now be mounted and available on your desktop.
        Desktop Mounted Drives

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