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Yes, approvers can utilize the Imaging system's "Out of Office" feature to select another appropriate individual to approve Financial Transaction Requests (FTRs) while they are out of the office.  

  1. Log into the web version of Perceptive Content  


    Open Perceptive Content using either the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser

  2. Go to the options drop-down menu  
  3. Select Out of Office
  4. An Out of Office - New Event window will display
  5. Select a Begin date and End date


    If there is not an End date selected, the delegation will be indefinite. You will continue to receive the NEW TASK emails and now the new delegated approver will also.

  6. Select an appropriate reason


    Active Duty, FMLA, Illness, Leave of Absence, Other, Traveling, or Vacation

  7. Select a Delegate User 
  8. If you scroll down to the end, select the More option and a Select User window will display  
    Either enter the desired delegate’s Last Name, First Name, or NinerNet ID and select the Search button. A search results list will display. Select a user and select the OK button. Enter in a Comment, if applicable.Select the OK button to save the Out of Office event.
  9. If you are using the client version of Perceptive Content, the only difference will be when selecting the Out of Office option, which you will find under settings rather than options

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