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  1. Windows computers come with Windows Defender installed to help protect your computer. You also have the ability to install Sophos or another antivirus, if you prefer.
  2. Apple computers do not come with antivirus installed, but you can install Sophos on your personal computer.
  3. Sophos Home is free for use on personal computers. To install on your home computer you can follow the steps.


No UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, or student would ever be asked to submit their username and password via email.  You should never respond to an email requesting that information. If you receive a message like that, delete it. If in doubt, check with the business (without using any of the links provided in the suspicious message) or contact the IT Service Desk.

Viruses are frequently spread in files, like images or executables, attached to email messages.  Be cautious when opening email attachments or items downloaded from the Internet.

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