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The IVQ feature enables quiz creators to get analytics about the quiz and the students taking it.

  1. To view your student's average quiz results, go to the Quiz Video window and click Actions 
    Get Quiz Results and Analytics
  2. Under Actions, click Analytics
    Click Actions then Analytics
  3. In the Average score box (Dashboard tab), you can view the quiz's average score of all the students that have taken the quiz until now
    Video Quiz Analytrics

  4. To view how specific students scored on the quiz, click the Quiz Users tab
    Show Quiz Users
  5. You can click Export to CSV to export to a Spreadsheet file or click Printable Version to print the data in the report 
  6. Alternatively, click on the Dashboard tab to view this report
  7.  You can click the Quiz Questions tab to view specific questions and their answers
    Show Quiz Questions
  8. A report with all questions is shown with a breakdown of how each user answered the questions 
  9. You can click Export to CSV to export to a Spreadsheet file or click Printable Version to print the data in the report
  10. Alternatively, click on the Dashboard to view this report
    Dashboard spreadsheet
  11. Additional information on the Interactive Video Quiz can be received from this IVQ Information Guide (PDF)


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