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These instructions assume that you have already created a Interactive Video Quiz in Kaltura (My Media) and will be automatically integrating the quiz grades into Canvas Gradebook. 

NOTE: Be sure to set the attempts allowed in Canvas to equal the attempts allowed here. If these numbers don't match, the grade won't be transferred correctly into Canvas when the student completes the in-video quiz

Create a video quiz in your My Media area - See How do I add an Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) to a Video 

  1. In your Canvas course click on the Assignments navigation tab
    Assignment navigation tab
  2. Click the + Assignment button to add a new assignment
    Add Assignment
  3. Within the Create new assignment (Rich-content editor), enter the title of the assignment, instructions for the assignment (do not add any Kaltura content) in the text-editor including any file attachments, points for the assignment, and how the grade will be displayed
  4. Select submission type External Tool
    Submission Type
  5. Click Find to search for an external tool. A Configure External Tool popup dialog box will appear
  6. Select Kaltura Video Quiz as the external tool
    Search Kaltura Video Quiz tool
  7. Click Select to choose a video quiz from My Media.
    Select Interactive Video Quiz

    Video Quiz

    A video that is an Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) has a cube icon before the name of the video.

  8. Click Select again in the Configure External Tool window
    External Tool window
  9. The Configure External Tool dialog box shows the URL of the Kaltura Video Quiz tool for the Assignment
    Selected External Tool
  10. Be sure to set the attempts allowed in Canvas equal to the attempts allowed here; if you only want 1 attempt then enter that here. If these numbers don't match between the Canvas assignment and in-video quiz, the grades won't be transferred correctly into Canvas when the student completes the in-video quiz
  11. Assign Due, Available from, and Until dates and times if applicable
  12. Click Save & Publish to save the assignment
    Video Quiz Assignment
  13. When your students click the assignment, they will be able to view, answer, and submit the quiz questions in the video. The grade from the quiz will automatically be sent to the Canvas Gradebook for this assignment and student

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