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The following criteria are used when evaluating external tools: 

  1. Security
  2. Accessibility
  3. Meeting FERPA Guidelines
  4. Usability
  5. Pedagogical value/impact
  6. Does not duplicate an existing tool


Any tool failing to meet one or more of these criteria will not be approved for use. Also, please note that tools which store any student or course data will require University agreements to be completed. Any third party tool listed below may be disabled at any time if usability or security risks change. Use these tools at your own risk

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The following external tools have been approved for use within Canvas courses:

ITS Supported Tools

3rd Party Tools in
Canvas Eduappcenter

3rd Party Tools Outside
of Canvas Eduappcenter

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Apps
  3. Kaltura
  4. Library Course Guides
  5. LockDown Browser
  6. Mahara
  7. McGrawHill Campus
  8. Poll Everywhere
  9. VeriCite
  10. WebEx
  1. Cengage Learning
  2. Feed The Me
  3. Films on Demand
  4. Flat World Knowledge
  5. Flipgrid
  6. Graph Builder
  7. Hawkes Learning
  8. IllumiDesk
  9. Internet Archive
  10. KhanAcademy
  11. LTI Maps
  12. Macmillan Higher Education
  13. MERLOT
  14. OER Commons
  15. Office Mix
  16. Open Educational Resources Search
  17. Packback
  18. Pearson
  19. Pearson REVEL
  20. Piazza
  21. ProctorU
  22. Public Resources
  23. Quizlet
  24. Redirect Tool
  25. Sage
  26. School Tube
  27. Slideshare
  28. SoftChalk Cloud
  29. Taskstream
  30. Ted ED
  31. Trello
  32. Twitter
  33. Vimeo
  34. VoiceThread
  35. Wikipedia
  36. WileyPLUS
  37. YouTube
  1. Barnes and Noble Purchase course materials
  2. Barnes and Noble Search course materials
  3. zyBooks
  4. H5p
  5. Realizit
  6. Vista Higher Learning

External Tools Reviewed and Denied

  • None

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