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  1. Students will be able to access the software in the labs and the Library.
  2. Students will be prompted as they open Adobe CC applications.
  3. Many mobile apps are available from Adobe; see this web page for more details or visit the App and Play Store.


    Supervisors of student workers needing access to Adobe CC on faculty/staff machines can request access by contacting the IT Service Desk.

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  1. Who do we need to go to be able to get a login for students? UNC offers Adobe CC to their student free of charge; it's an inconvenience to have always to find a UNCC computer to be able to work on a project on these applications when the purpose of CC to be on the cloud. 

  2. Hi - I manage the Adobe agreement for the campus. We have asked about getting access for our students. Adobe's licensing model is pretty much all or nothing meaning we have to license all of our students even though a small percentage of the student population uses the software for academic purposes. Adobe's model is not affordable at this time.