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Supervisor information is pulled from Banner for SHRA and EHRA non-student staff.  Supervisors for undergraduate student staff are the web time entry approvers. Supervisors for graduate students are identified in the eGA system.

  1. For EHRA and SHRA non-student staff,:
    1. Contact your business officer to see if the person works in a different department in your unit. If yes, your business officer should be able to update the appropriate forms.
    2. If no, contact the OneIT Service Desk, 7-5500 or 
  2. For Undergraduate Student staff:
    1. Are you the web time entry approver for student staff? If yes, then, for the purposes of this compliance initiative, you are getting the correct notifications. Please share the notice with the appropriate student supervisor or the student directly.
    2. If you are not the web time entry approver, please contact the OneIT Service Desk, 7-5500 or
  3. For Graduate Student Staff:
    1. the information is taken from the eGA form. If you are not the supervisor, contact the OneIT Service Desk, 7-5500 or

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