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An in-depth analysis of how to pronounce “Latinx” according to scholars (references included): 

  1. ​​Engel (2017) affirms that “Latinx” has different pronunciations in English and Spanish, signifying the English pronunciation as “Latin-X, La-teen-X, and La-tinks” and the Spanish pronunciation as “Latin-equis or Latin-sh” (p. 198). Guidotti-Hernández (2017) and Trujillo-Pagan (2018) add that the term is pronounced in Spanish as “Lat-een-ecks.”
  2. Engel, P. (2017). On naming ourselves, or: When I was a spic. Cultural Dynamics, 29(3), 193–201.
  3. Guidotti-Hernández, N. M. (2017). Affective communities and millennial desires: Latinx, or why my computer won’t recognize Latina/o. Cultural Dynamics, 29(3), 141–159.
  4. Trujillo-Pagán, N. (2018). Crossed out by LatinX: Gender neutrality and genderblind sexism. Latino Studies, 16(3), 396–406.

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