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Travelers can only be reimbursed for meals more than University subsistence while traveling if there is a business purpose for the meal (outside of normal business travel).

  1. If a meal is part of a business event at a conference/expo:
    1. An employee’s department may agree to reimburse meal expenses at greater than the University subsistence rates.

    2. The meal must have predetermined charges.

    3. To attend this business function, the meal must be purchased (e.g., if registration for an event where food is provided is required in advance).

    4. Submit the following required substantiation for registered business meals:

      1. A document that shows the predetermined charge related to the event and, 

      2. A paid receipt.


    An awards banquet is an example of a meal that is part of a business event at a conference/expo.

  2. A business meal outside of a registered event in excess of the subsistence rates must be paid from Discretionary funds.

    1. Submit the following required substantiation for the non-registered business meal with the Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report:

      1. Entertainment Expenditure Form,

      2. Receipts showing itemized purchase and credit card or cash payment detail (when paid by credit card, this information will be on two separate receipts) and,

      3. A discretionary fund number.


    A business meal with a constituent, donor, or research participant are examples of a business meal outside of a registered event.


Travelers who participate in a meal as described above cannot claim a subsistence reimbursement for the corresponding meal on the day this meal took place (e.g., if the business meal is a dinner meal, the traveler may not also claim subsistence for dinner that same day).

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