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Some minor out-of-pocket expenses should be expected when traveling on state business.

  1. Travel advances are granted on an exception basis if needed, using a stand-alone form.
  2. Travel advances can only cover expected meals and mileage for reasons listed below. All other expenses should be payable via a University p-card.
    1. Traveling more than one week.

    2. Traveling outside of U.S.

    3. Student trip/group travel.

    4. Unable to use personal funds.
  3. Minimizing travel advances reduces the need for multiple reviews both before and after the trip for the same expense items.
  4. Links to all forms are on the Financial Services Forms page.


Follow the Travel and Complex Payments News feed for the latest travel and disbursement related information.


Email the Travel and Complex Payments office to set up one-on-one or departmental training.

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