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Because of recent ransomware attacks across the United States and in higher education, the university is moving towards management of all computer endpoints. In the past, management was distributed and not comprehensive. That practice no longer meets the security requirements to protect the university network.

A university-managed computer or endpoint device (tablet, Surface, iPad, Chromebook, etc.)

  1. Is owned by the university or purchased through grant funding for a research project
  2. Has its set up and configuration reviewed by Office of OneIT staff
  3. Meets the setup and configuration guidelines as outlined in Guideline for the Security of Endpoints or has been approved as an exception.
  4. Utilizes Active Directory and the University-supported configuration management framework including
    1. Windows: Microsoft's Software Center and Configuration Manager (SCCM)
    2. Macs: JAMF
    3. Linux: College/Department specific frameworks like Puppet
  5. University managed computers or end point devices usually have the UNC Charlotte logo displayed on the background or in the bottom toolbar. See this FAQ for additional information about identifying a university-managed computer device.

If you are responsible for a university computer that is not managed, please complete this form. A member of the OneIT Security team will contact you within 2-4 business days.

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