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Experience can be used to view information in the test environment in lieu of setting up a Test Profile by clicking on Workflow app after logging into the following website with your NinerNet credentials:

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  1. From the Perceptive Content login screen, click the Connection Profiles button
  2. Click Edit Connection button at bottom of menu 
  3. Click the Create button 
  4. Enter Profile information on the dialog box 
    1. In the Name field, enter Test
    2. In the Server ID field, enter
    3. In the Server Type drop down box, select test
    4. In the Port Number, enter 6000
    5. Click the OK button twice
  5. The profile should display as follows 
  6. To change from PROD to TEST environments, right click on the Production profile name and click the Test option from the drop down menu 

    OR click the Connect Profile button, then select the Test Profile

If you are not already in Test group, you will need to be added in order to login.  Please contact the Help Center to submit a ticket, assigned to Content Services, to be added to the group. 

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