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  1. Start your Zoom session via Canvas and wait until all students are present


    It is highly recommended that you create a recurring meeting for the entire semester before creating the breakout rooms

  2. At the bottom of the Zoom window, click the Breakout Rooms option


    If you do not see the Breakout Rooms icon, click the More icon, it looks like 3 dots, and select Breakout Rooms

  3. The Breakout Rooms dialog box is displayed
    1. Specify how many students you want in each room
    2. Specify whether you want Zoom to assign the students to the rooms, Automatically, or if you want to assign the students, Manual
    3. Click Create Breakout Rooms
      placeholder for Breakout01.pngImage Added
  4. A list of the rooms and participants is displayed


    You can rename the rooms by clicking the Rename icon, it looks like a pencil

  5. Click Open All Rooms to start the sessions
  6. Students are alerted the room is ready and they click Join
    (Get screenshot from Jules and insert here)
  7. You can visit any of the rooms by clicking Join
  8. Verify the visit by clicking Yes

  9. To leave the breakout room, in the menu bar located at the bottom of the window, click Leave Room
  10. You are prompted to verify you want to leave, click Leave Breakout Room
  11. You can send a message to all breakout rooms
    1. In the Breakout Rooms In Progress window, click Broadcast a Message to all
    2. Type your message in the text box and click Broadcast

  12. To end all the breakout room sessions, click Close All Rooms