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  1. How to determine if your student are ready to use Respondus Monitor
    1. Survey Your Students to Know What Equipment They Have.  To use Respondus Monitor, students will need the right equipment and will need to download the application.  However, some students may not have the correct operating system, or webcam, or some other technical limitation. We recommend you survey your students to see what technology they have.  One easy way is to use Canvas:
      1. Creating a Survey in Canvas
      2. Viewing Survey Results in Canvas
    2. Possible questions to ask:
      1. Do you have either a laptop or desktop computer available? Y/N

      2. Are you using Windows (10, 8, or 7) or Mac OS X (10.10 or higher)? Y/N

      3. Do you have a web camera (internal or external) and microphone? Y/N

      4. Do you have a broadband internet connection? Y/N

      5. Is your *only* device a Chromebook or other device that does *not* use Windows or Mac OS X? Y/N

      6. Anything else you deem relevant for your course that you may need to know about your students
    3. Using the Results to Adjust Your Course

      1. If some students do not have the necessary equipment to do proctored testing, you may want to consider giving these students an alternative assignment to demonstrate what they have learned.

      2. Randomized quizzing is an option to help with academic integrity (using the Question Bank in Canvas)

      3. If they have the right kind of computer and operating system but no webcam,  you can use the Lockdown Browser with a randomized quiz (using the Question Bank in Canvas)

  2. Ideas for Alternative Assignments for Assessing Learning

    1. Write a paper

    2. Create a video / recorded oral presentation 

    3. Give an oral exam, one-on-one, using Zoom or Google Hangouts 

    4. Create an open-book exam

      1. see the Online Assessment section of the Teaching Resources Google Doc