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  1. In your Canvas course, click the My Media link on the course navigation
    My Media link
  2. Click the Add New button to go to the Kaltura Capture option
    Add New option for video
  3. Click Kaltura Capture
  4. The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder window will display
    Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder window
  5. Within this window, you will see two hyperlinks for the Windows and Mac installer
    Kaltura Capture Installer for the operating systemsImage Added
  6. Choose the link relevant to your operating system
  7. This will download the installer file (find the folder which your browser uses for downloads). Eg. Windows installer file
    Windows installer file
  8. Click Save File
  9. Find the downloads folder and launch the installer file, by double -clicking it
  10. Click Run
    Run Kaltura Capture installer file
  11. Click Next
    Click Next in the installer file
  12.  Click Change to change the way features are installed 
    Change Installation'

  13. In the Installation Settings dialog box, change the local folder location to a new location
    Change folder of local recording file

  14. Click Next to continue the installation
  15. Click Finish when Kaltura Capture Recorder installation is completed