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This document provides general instructions on how to complete and submit a bulk request on the Sponsored Guest Account Form.  For specific instructions on the content of the form, please contact your supervisor.  The Sponsored Guest Account Form is used to request online access to UNC Charlotte systems for people who do not have University identification.  To obtain access, a person must be sponsored.  Faculty and staff can sponsor guests; however only designated Business Officers and Information Security Liaison (ISLs) can submit a Sponsored Guest Account request.  Additionally, only users included in the Perceptive Content security group OneITSGA Processor - BULK can submit bulk requests.  A copy of the guest's photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, State ID or Green Card) must be attached with the submission.  Access can be requested for vendors.  For non-US citizen requests, contact the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) and the Export Control Office PRIOR to completing the Sponsored Guest Account Form. A form can be submitted once notification has been provided by the International Student and Scholar Office and the Export Control Office that all paperwork is complete.  See these FAQs for more details.

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Sponsored Guest Account Bulk Form Submission

1.  Open a browser and go to the Sponsored Guest Account Form link to launch the form.

2.  When prompted, enter your NinerNet credentials and click Log In.

3.  The form will be displayed with the Submitter ID and name auto-populated.  

4.  The Action by default will be set as Single Guest Account Submission.  Use the dropdown to change this to Bulk Guest Account Submission.

5.  Review the guidance provided in the Example of CSV File section.  

6.  Click the view this document hyperlink that is included to obtain the appropriate file layout.

File Format Tips

The layout template includes three sheets:

  • The first sheet provides the exact column order and headers that are required in the CSV file that you attach.
  • The second sheet provides notes regarding the contents of each column.  It is critical that this guidance be followed.
  • The third sheet provides an example of what the completed CSV file should look like.

7.  Click to view a current list of valid values that can be included in the Category Code and Subcategory ID columns.  After the list appears, clicking on a Code name will cause the related Available Subcategories to appear in the bottom section.  The example below is the display after clicking the Code PARTNERCategory Code values should be entered in the CSV file in ALL CAPS.  The values available for use may change if Banner updates are made.

Category Code CONTRACTOR Note

If the Category Code is CONTRACTOR then a value should be included in the Company Spriden column for that row.

8.  Click to hide this information on the form.

9.  Click the box to certify that all information is correct and that the request does not include one or more new or active employees.

10.  Click the  button to add supporting documentation.

Attachment Requirements

  • Attach only one CSV file with the required columns, column headers, data format and valid values as outlined in the example file.
  • Attach an image of each guest's official photo ID (example: US Driver’s License, State ID, Green Card, or Passport) in JPEG file format.
  • Maximum number of JPEG photo ID attachments for one submission is 50.
  • Non-US Citizen entering the United States: attach International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) email indicating that the paperwork is complete.
  • Name all supporting attachments to indicate the SeqNum (number in first column) in the CSV file followed by an underscore and then a description of the file.  Example 1_JohnDoePassport.pdf.
  • Total size of all attachments cannot exceed 20mb.

11.  Click the button to save the form to the system for processing.  A pop-up box will appear confirming submission. 


If you are not a designated Business Officer or Information Security Liaison (ISL) included in the OneITSGA Processor - BULK security group you will not be able to submit the form.  Please see this FAQ regarding how to request access, if needed.

12.  Click Start New Form to initiate a new submission.

13.  Exit the form by closing the browser window.

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